May. 29th, 2011

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This movie passes, passes, passes!

There are numerous named female characters:
Hanna - a sixteen-year-old girl raised in the Finnish Arctic by her father and trained to fight
Marissa - the evil CIA agent who was Hanna's father's handler and who is the enemy he's training Hanna to protect herself from
Sophie - the material-girl, teenaged British tourist who meets Hanna-on-the-run and befriends her
Rachel - Sophie's hippie mother, who forms her own bond with Hanna
Katrin - Hanna's grandmother

Since the main plot of the movie is Marissa trying to hunt Hanna down, the conversations Marissa has with all the other women (and all the men she interacts with) revolve mostly around that, sometimes mentioning Hanna's father, sometimes not. That's an easy pass.

In addition, though, this is a movie with other themes and relationships. Despite Sophie's makeup-wearing, gum-popping ways, there's only one scene where she wants to chase boys and ends up dragging Hanna on a double date, and one scene where Hanna talks about meeting up with her father to Sophie. Other than that, Sophie indulges in a rapid-fire patter of pop culture, fashion, eye-rolling at her family, and genuine expressions of friendship—not boys.

Rachel admires Hanna for her independence and down-to-earth qualities, and Hanna spends quite a bit of time in the front of the family van while Rachel drives. Rachel's idea of conversation includes anthropological explanations for lipstick (Saying "labia" in front of your sixteen-year-old daughter? Instant mortification for said daughter! :-) and philosophizing on nature and theology.

I also appreciated that this movie featured a kick-ass heroine, yes, but at no point did she strip down, show skin, put on high heels/high-heeled boots, wear spandex/something clingy/something low-cut, or any other pandering to what has become the stereotype. She dressed to fight. Refreshing!

I'd call this movie a Bechdel home-run.


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