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The Princess and the Frog has four named female characters that I recall - Tiana, the heroine, Eudora, her mother, Lottie, her best friend, and Mama Odie, a vaudaun priestess who lives in the swamp.

Tiana talks to all three other women, and Eudora and Lottie also talk briefly. Tiana and Eudora talk about Tiana's dreams and ambitions, Tiana and Lottie primarily talk about men but touch on other topics, and Tiana and Mama Odie talk about Tiana's ambition and turning Tiana from a frog to a human. Eudora and Lottie talk about fairytales, and Lottie's long-suffering cat. So this film passes easily.

I also appreciated the friendship between Lottie and Tiana; Lottie is clearly horrendously spoiled, but she also has a sweet nature. Once or twice I winced, expecting her to throw a tantrum at Tiana, but no, when Tiana makes a terrible mess at Lottie's dream party, Lottie's response is to cluck over her and whisk her away to put on one of Lottie's own dresses, and late in the movie when Lottie is disappointed greatly, she only looked sad for a moment before throwing herself whole-heartedly into Tiana's cause. Likewise, though Tiana is confused by Lottie's ambitions, she's supportive and doesn't think less of her for them. This is an awesome female friendship.


Jun. 19th, 2009 12:31 pm
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I found the lighthearted romance Penelope to be whimsically delightful. You can see a trailer here. Additionally, it passes!

Spoiler time )


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