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The Tom Cruise character has a female partner, Victoria or "Vicka". Their supervisor appears to be a woman named Sally, who communicates exclusively with Vicka over a video link from an orbiting space station. They discuss the mission assignments and related requests.

Later in the movie, they rescue a woman named Julia who has been in deep sleep for sixty years. Vicka and Julia have a couple of scenes together where they discuss the events that led to their current situation.

Push (2009)

Feb. 4th, 2012 03:06 pm
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I watched this primarily because it has Chris Evans + superpowers, but found it a lot of fun. The plot gets a bit murky and confusing in places, but it does some interesting things with premonition. Some elements that early pinged me as a bit weird later turned out to be deliberately so in a plot-significant way.

What I was surprised by was the diversity of the cast. The film is set in Hong Kong, and while the three protagonists and most of the main group of villains are white, there are supporting heroic characters who aren't white, the primary antagonist is black and there's a separate group of Chinese antagonists. There are three significant characters who are women of colour.

There's also a lot of female characters, and they're pretty cool. A thirteen year old pre-cognitive, an older precognitive, a badass telepath on the run, a psychic surgeon, a tracker. And there's the thirteen-year-old's mother, who appears only briefly but is an off-screen chessmaster type who heavily influences the plot.

The two precogs have a tense rivalry, talking about their powers, the mother, and the predicted death of one of them. The girl and the surgeon talk about the mother. The girl and the precog talk about the telepath. While Chris Evans' character is the lead, the story is driven primarily by the two lead women. All the women are competent, decently characterised, and have their own agendas. While most of the action scenes are men (both telekinetics we see are male; there's some showy use of the powers in combat I enjoyed) there's a couple of decent ones with women.

It's not an amazing movie, but I found it enjoyable and interesting, and it passes the Bechdel test with flying colours and makes it look easy. I would happily watch an entire movie about the two pre-cogs and their rivalry; their scenes together were fantastic.
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For reasons that don't really bear examining I've been watching fairly randomly selected episodes of Enterprise (when I say randomly, I mean that I looked Memory Alpha's Vulcan Images Category, clicked on things that looked interesting, and made a list of episodes from all the series.) To my surprise, this sampling produced episodes of Enterprise that passed Bechdel.

Even though for almost all of this arc, the two women regulars were separated (Hoshi on the ship, T'Pol on Vulcan), T'Pol got to talk to both her mother T'Les and T'Pau about logic, philosophy, mind melds, disease, politics, the history and destiny of Vulcan. Sure, part of the time they were talking about Surak and Archer, but Archer spent so much time passed out from Surak that T'Pol was left with T'Les and T'Pau for conversational partners consistently often.

Heck, they even killed off T'Les and T'Pol and T'Pau kept passing Bechdel for another five minutes on their own before plot separated them.
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Origin - Spirits of the Past is an anime movie I stumbled across on Hulu. The plot isn't anything very spectacular; it's your normal humanity must learn to live in harmony with nature pastiche. Additionally, I've always found myself to like subs better than dubs and this is a dub, so I wonder what subtleties of tone and meaning I might be missing. However, it's visually interesting (although sometimes the 3D animation isn't as integrated with the 2D animation as I'd like) and I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic storylines (a town built over the decaying hulks of city buildings).

Also notable and the reason for posting: it passes the Bechdel test multiple times.

Spoilers )


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