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The Tom Cruise character has a female partner, Victoria or "Vicka". Their supervisor appears to be a woman named Sally, who communicates exclusively with Vicka over a video link from an orbiting space station. They discuss the mission assignments and related requests.

Later in the movie, they rescue a woman named Julia who has been in deep sleep for sixty years. Vicka and Julia have a couple of scenes together where they discuss the events that led to their current situation.
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Passed and how. It was FILLED with women, talking to each other about all kinds of stuff, and generally being awesome.

I actually wasn't really looking forward to it; a friend wanted to see it, so I went along. Oh, but it was great. Four named female characters, including the protagonist and her sidekick, and they got the vast majority of the badass fight scenes and moves.

I will say I was amused at the prevalence of tweezers and waterproof mascara in the zombie apocalypse, but I was pleasantly surprised when the protagonist actually got dirty.

It was also a pretty good movie, although the final scene was ludicrous. The story was decent, it ratcheted up the tension well, and the fight scenes were beautifully shot. (Maybe a little too much bullet-time, but I can't see 3D so it may be better for people who can.) I really recommend this for people who like women-focused action movies.
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Origin - Spirits of the Past is an anime movie I stumbled across on Hulu. The plot isn't anything very spectacular; it's your normal humanity must learn to live in harmony with nature pastiche. Additionally, I've always found myself to like subs better than dubs and this is a dub, so I wonder what subtleties of tone and meaning I might be missing. However, it's visually interesting (although sometimes the 3D animation isn't as integrated with the 2D animation as I'd like) and I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic storylines (a town built over the decaying hulks of city buildings).

Also notable and the reason for posting: it passes the Bechdel test multiple times.

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