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I'm not sure if 'Winter Queen' and 'Summer Lady' are their names or their titles, but in Ember Days, the Winter Queen challenges the Summer Lady face to face.
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A pass, I suppose, since Bellatrix Lestrange (evil!crazy) corners Herminone Granger, and threatens her with death and torture, Dolores Umbridge interacts briefly with a disguised Hermione, and with another woman who has been accused of being Muggle-born. Luna and Hermione might also exchange a few words, but if they did, they were pretty unmemorable

Like most of the Harry Potter films, this was very much centered on Harry and his interactions with the rest of the world, and secondary female characters, like Tonks, Ginny and Molly Weasely were significantly cut down in comparison to their roles in the books.

The only really developed female character is Hermione, and she does get some really great moments -- I was particularly impressed by the emotional depth that Emma Watson managed to put into a scene where Hermione erases her parents' memories of her.

And while the Bechdel technical-pass wasn't all that impressive, it was still a pretty enjoyable film.
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How to Train Your Dragon has two supporting female characters: Astrid, the love interest, and Ruffnut, one of the comic relief characters. Despite the fact that they are both in dragon fighting classes together, I can't recall a single instance in which they ever speak to each other. Astrid speaks almost solely to the hero, Hiccup, and Ruffnut to her male twin brother, Tuffnut. The film is very much a horse-and-his-boy story, substituting "dragon" for "horse;" what dialogue doesn't involve Hiccup in some way isn't very substantial, no matter who's saying it.

That said, I personally found the film enjoyable despite the fact that it fails the Bechdel Test at rule 2, and I hold out hope that if it does well enough to garner sequels, future movies might be Bechdel passes.
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The new one: passes very well!

Alice is very much the central character (Mad Hatter ads to the contrary), and most of her conversations in the movie are with the Red Queen (antagonist) and the White Queen (helper)*. Conversations with her mother and sister did focus a lot on marriage, although Alice tried to talk about her own, non-man-centered wishes for her future. The White Queen and the Red Queen also had a conversation that had nothing to do with men.

(I actually felt kind of lukewarm about the movie overall, but did love that Alice was the center of it and an active protagonist who never lost sight of her own desires even when other people tried to project theirs onto her.)

*They did have names, but were mostly referred to by their titles.
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The Princess and the Frog has four named female characters that I recall - Tiana, the heroine, Eudora, her mother, Lottie, her best friend, and Mama Odie, a vaudaun priestess who lives in the swamp.

Tiana talks to all three other women, and Eudora and Lottie also talk briefly. Tiana and Eudora talk about Tiana's dreams and ambitions, Tiana and Lottie primarily talk about men but touch on other topics, and Tiana and Mama Odie talk about Tiana's ambition and turning Tiana from a frog to a human. Eudora and Lottie talk about fairytales, and Lottie's long-suffering cat. So this film passes easily.

I also appreciated the friendship between Lottie and Tiana; Lottie is clearly horrendously spoiled, but she also has a sweet nature. Once or twice I winced, expecting her to throw a tantrum at Tiana, but no, when Tiana makes a terrible mess at Lottie's dream party, Lottie's response is to cluck over her and whisk her away to put on one of Lottie's own dresses, and late in the movie when Lottie is disappointed greatly, she only looked sad for a moment before throwing herself whole-heartedly into Tiana's cause. Likewise, though Tiana is confused by Lottie's ambitions, she's supportive and doesn't think less of her for them. This is an awesome female friendship.
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Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans fails gloriously. There were definitely more than two (undead) women, but they didn't talk to each other at all.


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