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This film also goes by the alternate title Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale, in my part of the world, at least.

There are three main human characters in this film, two of which are women: Rapunzel and her adoptive mother, Mother Gothel.

Despite the impression that some of the marketing material may have given, Rapunzel is very much the focus of the story. Her relationship with Mother Gothel is the driving force of the story's conflict, and their interactions lay central to the film.

Character-related spoilers for the film. )

That's the central characters.

There are a couple of supporting characters in the form of guards and ruffians that Rapunzel encounters, but none of them are women. She does cross paths with some women in the kingdom village, but none of them have dialogue. One more character-related spoiler. )
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So, unless it happened in the very very beginning of the movie I missed, Megamind utterly fails the Bechdel Test--one woman with no other women to talk to! Even worse (with spoilers) )
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How to Train Your Dragon has two supporting female characters: Astrid, the love interest, and Ruffnut, one of the comic relief characters. Despite the fact that they are both in dragon fighting classes together, I can't recall a single instance in which they ever speak to each other. Astrid speaks almost solely to the hero, Hiccup, and Ruffnut to her male twin brother, Tuffnut. The film is very much a horse-and-his-boy story, substituting "dragon" for "horse;" what dialogue doesn't involve Hiccup in some way isn't very substantial, no matter who's saying it.

That said, I personally found the film enjoyable despite the fact that it fails the Bechdel Test at rule 2, and I hold out hope that if it does well enough to garner sequels, future movies might be Bechdel passes.


Nov. 2nd, 2009 01:35 pm
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Counting most optimistically, 9 contained one "woman" character, inasmuch as any of the main wee burlap characters were gendered.

However, that in itself raises interesting questions (and spoilers). )

Overall 9 is a pretty movie, but disappointingly shallow.


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