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May. 26th, 2017 10:30 pm
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This is my first post on a journal site in a long time. I don't know anyone here yet and my list of interests is a mess, but I'll stick around a while and see how things develop.

Grab most of the 'liberal' buzzwords and throw 'em in a pile; that's me. Apologies in advance, but the sorry-not-sorry kind.

Show me pictures of your pets (or anyone's pets) and then commiserate with me about the current state of the US government. I'm kinda isolated where I am, as far as speaking publicly- have to fly below the radar in real life and sometimes I feel like I'll explode.

and i don't feel so good myself

May. 26th, 2017 02:56 pm
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Sometime last week I came across a passing link, probably somewhere in the Lawyers, Guns & Money comments, to All Birds Are Cats. I started off somewhat baffled, but by the end of the two-minute clip I couldn't stop giggling. "Well, look, if you're not prepared to do the research, Bryan, why make the statement in the first place?"

It seems that John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have made a career for the last thirty years of doing these little two-minute satirical interview sketches, one a week, for Australian television. Some of them are downright brilliant, for example, The Front Fell Off (I have not laughed so hard in ages). Many rely on a grasp of Australian politics that I just don't have, but are still delightful to watch.

Sadly John Clarke died early in April, while 'bushwalking' and birdwatching. On the bright side there's an awful lot of Clarke & Dawe on their Youtube channel, and more to come.

Friday Yardening

May. 26th, 2017 03:34 pm
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Today is partly sunny and warm.

Round 1, I watered the potted plants on the porch and trimmed grass around the telephone pole.

The mourning dove eggs have hatched into two tiny, fuzzy squabs.  I found a video of one online. 

Raspberries are beginning to turn pink in a few places.  Many of the mulberries are pink.

EDIT 5/26/17 -- Round 2, I pulled weeds around the forest garden.

Also the last shipment of plants arrived today.

EDIT 5/26/17 -- Round 3, I planted three windflowers, two stargazer lilies, and three balloon flowers around the barrel garden; and one White Feather hosta in the purple-and-white garden.

A cool breeze has blown up, downdraft from a storm some distance away.

EDIT 5/26/17 -- Round 4, I planted a white lilac and a black hollyhock.

EDIT 5/26/17 -- Round 5, I sowed more grass in the streetside yard.

It's getting dark, so I'm done for tonight.

Lawn Craze

May. 26th, 2017 01:34 pm
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Here's a comic about the lawn craze.  Some further thoughts ...

It goes a lot farther back than postwar suburbs.  Lawns started as a status symbol among European aristocracy.

Advice to stop watering, fertilizing, mowing, etc. or to replace lawns with something else is great -- if it's legal.  In many areas it is not, and people are fined or even evicted for being unwilling or unable to keep their lawn in a manner pleasing to others. Such laws are bad for disability and bad for the environment, but those are things fewer people care about than power. Check the local level of tyranny before trying to solve lawn-related problems.

Tinhuviel Moving

May. 26th, 2017 01:22 pm
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[personal profile] tinhuviel is moving, but has almost nothing to settle into a new home.  :/  There is a WalMart registry and a GoFundMe page for donations.  If you liked Shiv's housewarming basket, here's your chance to do something similar.
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... the Manchester thing hit me pretty hard, and then yesterday I had a migraine to the extent where I could just about manage twitter on night mode in a darkened room but not much else.

So if I missed anything important, I'm sorry xx


May. 26th, 2017 10:49 am
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It's been over a month since Rogue One came out on home media internationally, but I have not seen it in any of the movie stores I've been to over this time. I am perplexed! It must be out already (Disney conglomerate media is released consistently and quickly here) so is it that I have had bad luck and it happens to be out of stock at whatever shop I'm visiting that day? I don't feel any strong urge to get it, seeing as that I'm kinda holding out for a better release later this year as per what happened with The Force Awakens, but it's still odd to not see DVDs/Blu-Rays everywhere.

Also a bummer: my favourite movie store is closing down. I've been trying to support this shop but it's been getting harder recently when they don't have in stock the things that I actually want to buy.

Thursday Yardening

May. 25th, 2017 03:30 pm
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Today is mild and partly cloudy.

Round 1, I cut more grass around the wagonwheel garden.

There are still two white eggs in the mourning dove nest. 

EDIT 5/25/17: Round 2, we picked up sticks in the yard near the house.  

The sun is coming out, and the weather is heating up.  It's not all the way to hot yet, but it turning warm and muggy.  :/  I have a suspicion that the air will be solid mosquitoes this evening.

EDIT 5/25/17: Round 3, we finally got around to putting down the concrete pavers.  Four went at the corner of the patio for the burn barrel.  2 went near the barrel garden to hold the yard sculpture.

The air has cooled down somewhat and is pleasant again.

EDIT 5/25/17: Round 4, I trimmed grass around another tree and pulled weeds around the forest garden.

Confirmation Bias

May. 25th, 2017 02:23 pm
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Here's a cartoon about confirmation bias.  While it technically fits the definition, it's not about belief, but rather about greed -- or possibly survival.  In any case it's an example of how many things which are currently claimed as science are not actually science.  But when you call them that, people mistrust science, instead of mistrusting greed.

Flash finale reaction

May. 25th, 2017 07:12 pm
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That was not good, although I did appreciate that they (slight spoiler) subverted tropes re. who died.

Relatedly, I have no Flash CW icons. Anyone have links to some?
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I found out John Hopkins offers a mental health nurse practitioner program through its extension education. I think I'll work on that after (or alongside) Stanbridge.

Time for HIIT today. I'm trying to do two, to make up a little for the lack of involvement this week. But at the same time... It's Thursday. It's already the weekend again.

I've requested a week off in June. My older half-brother is getting married. I'm thinking I may try to see if I can sky-dive in Monterey while I'm up there :3 I'll finally be in close enough proximity that it makes sense for a few days. But if not, what I'll do is sky-dive in Oceanside.

... Having disposable income is weird. I mean true disposable income. Like I'm talking about money I will have after bills and rent.

Post-holiday recovery

May. 25th, 2017 08:21 pm
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Imzy's closing up shop, which is all manner of a bummer and irritating. There are some posts I want to save, which I'll probably crosspost here once I get in the mood to.

Right now I'm still a little winded from what was otherwise an excellent mini-holiday over the long weekend to Singapore with a bunch of cousins who'd never been. (I'm only five years older than the oldest cousin, but I still think of all of them as WEE BABES.) I was quite stressed leading up to it because I was in charge, plus various things went wrong beforehand, among them my hitting the limit on two different credit cards, which put our booking in jeopardy, oops.

But once we got there it was all okay, doing some touristy things and shopping, and then later Universal Studios was tremendous fun for me to show them around. Interestingly, I intended to avoid the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster this time round because of how shaky it left me in my first trip, but after going on all the other significantly smaller coasters around the park, I was left itchy and unsatisfied and declared that I MUST GO ON THE BSG BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, and I did, and it was tremendously satisfying. (I am so ready for Universal Studios Osaka, I can TASTE IT.)

The weather was also relatively kind to us, in that it drizzled in the morning, keeping it cool and allowing us to run through the rain past people who worried about stuff like getting wet (pfft) to get to the most popular rides before the queues built up, which we did. Later on the heat did come in but only for about 2 hours, which made it nice to get splashed in the Jurassic Park ride and the Waterworld show, before it went cool again, so that was nice.

All in all, was good fun, there was family bonding and no drama (YASSSSS), and a nice way to unwind after the past few weeks of work stress. \o/


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